G9 Henail Plus Kit

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Greenlightvapes G9 enail electric dab rigs portable h enail

The Henail Plus a portable dab rig allowing the user to dab on the go with no torch , no plugs, and with water filtration, comes with 2500mah rechargeable battery and replaceable heating top,Simply load-up your favorite wax concentrates and dab on the go!

1.No Wicks or Coils
2.Replaceable heating base
3.For Solid Wax Concentrates
4.45-50 Uses on a Single Charge
5.Removable/Replaceable 2500mah Battery
6.High-Quality Ceramic Heating Core
7.Includes Glass Water Filtration Attachment
8.Includes Quartz, Titanium & Ceramic Dish

Henail Plus Kit includes:
1 Henail Plus unit with 2500mah battery.
1 Carb cap with removable dab tool.
1 Glass Bubbler
1 Titanium dish
1 Ceramic dish
1 Quartz dish
1 USB cable
1 User manual
1 Year limited warranty
plastic waterproof case